LeadingAge Connecticut Events and Upcoming Programs

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Standards of Care 12 Month Webinar Series - 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm 
This 12 month webinar series focuses on nursing facility systems of care and managing common conditions treated in the LTC setting. Each session addresses standards of care, staff training/ competency focus areas, critical nursing assessment/ documentation principles, care planning guidance, recommended QA activities, and practical daily operations guidance with extensive use of case examples. Recordings of live sessions are included with the webinar purchase.

APRIL 20 - Online Registration 
Care of the Dialysis Recipient
Review requirements specific to residents receiving in-house or offsite dialysis with guidance on pre and post treatment monitoring protocols.

MAY 18 - Online Registration 
Breathe Easy — Respiratory Care and Services
Meet standards for respiratory care programming including oxygen therapy, tracheostomy and ventilator care, and MDI and nebulizer administration.

JUNE 15 - Online Registration
Skin/Wound Care, Pressure Ulcer Prevention
Examine skin management and wound prevention strategies, along with standards of care for preventing and treating pressure injuries/ulcers.

JULY 20 - Online Registration 
Depression, Anxiety and Trauma Informed Care
Manage depression and anxiety in the LTC setting and implement a trauma informed care approach.

AUGUST 17 - Online Registration 
Dementia Care, Behavioral Health, and Antipsychotic Reduction
Best practices for Dementia and behavioral health care and strategies for reducing antipsychotics through non-pharmacological interventions.

SEPTEMBER 21 - Online Registration 
Clinical standards and regulatory requirements related to assessment, management and documentation of pain, along with potential consequences of poorly managed

OCTOBER 19 - Online Registration 
End of Life Care — Hospice and Palliative Services
Understand the similarities and differences between hospice and palliative care, as well as effective systems for collaboration with hospice providers.

NOVEMBER 16 - Online Registration 
Nutrition, Hydration, and Weight Loss
Best practices for systems related to nutrition and hydration, and strategies for reducing weight loss in LTC facilities.

DECEMBER 21 - Online Registration 
Incontinence, UTI, and Catheters
Assessment and management of incontinence, catheter use, and the infection classification criteria for UTIs.


LeadingAge Connecticut Virtual EXPO
May 26 & 27 2021
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LeadingAge Connecticut Annual Meeting
Save the Date - October 13, 2021
Aqua Turf Club, Plantsville, CT

Caring Hands Award
Save the Date - November 10, 2021