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LeadingAge Insights is a collection of tools to help members better understand their own performance and their market position. With the added advantage of easy access to experts in the field, these tools help members improve their performance and competitiveness. Operated as a partnership of LeadingAge and state associations like LeadingAge Connecticut, these tools are available free of charge to LeadingAge provider members.

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Market Position Reports by Avalere, powered by VANTAGE CPS

Avalere Health is an advisory services and business intelligence company that creates innovative solutions for healthcare providers to navigate the rapidly changing healthcare environment. Avalere’s Vantage Care Positioning System (CPS) program empowers providers to understand where and when Medicare beneficiaries receive care from hospitals, SNFs, home health, and other post-acute care providers in their local markets. The insights gained from Vantage CPS help post-acute care providers initiate conversations with hospitals about topics such as readmission rates and how you can help them respond to the challenges they face. By contrast, hospitals use Vantage CPS to identify top performing PAC partners with whom they wish to partner.

LeadingAge has engaged Avalere to produce a subset of market analysis reports derived from detailed analysis of Medicare data, custom-designed to fit the needs of our members. However, if you are interested in learning about the complete Avalere’s Vantage CPS program, please contact Holly Wittenberg or Lilla Alchon at Avalere (202) 207-1300 or [email protected] for a demo.

The LeadingAge tailored Vantage CPS reports include:

  • Readmissions analysis for a single market
  • Market share by provider type for a single market
  • Length of stay by provider type for a single market

The Vantage CPS dataset is based on Medicare Part A Standard Analytic File for providers. This includes short-term acute care hospital, skilled nursing facility, home health agency, long-term acute care hospitals, inpatient rehabilitation facilities, and “Other Inpatient Facilities” (e.g. cancer or children’s hospitals). The Vantage CPS dataset also includes Home Health claims from the Medicare Part B Standard Analytic File.

Ask the Avalere Expert

Our Ask the Avalere Expert tool allows all LeadingAge members to submit 2 questions about their Market Position reports. Avalere will then send timely written answers from experts in the field.

LeadingAge 5-Star Analysis for Nursing Homes

The recent Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) changes to the Nursing Home Compare 5-Star Quality Rating System report caused many organizations to move down in star ratings without a detailed explanation of why. Beginning in September 2015 as a member benefit, LeadingAge and local state affiliates will send nursing home members a facility-specific report on a quarterly basis that will provide a comprehensive analysis of their 5-Star rating.

The reports will explain the 3 components of the 5-star rating, including inspections, staffing hours per resident day, and the 11 quality measures. The reports also will indicate where members can focus efforts to both improve resident care and to increase their 5-Star rating.

Take a look at a sample Nursing Home 5-Star Analysis report.

LeadingAge Quality Metrics

LeadingAge Quality Metrics is a set of interactive data tools that assists nursing homes and home health agencies analyze how they measure up to their peers, demonstrate value, and improve performance. Leveraging publicly available Nursing Home and Home Health Compare data, LeadingAge Quality Metrics allows organizations to compare themselves against nearby or comparably sized organizations.

Interested in learning more? Sign up for a Quality Metrics training webinar.

LeadingAge Survey and Certification Reports

LeadingAge produces data reports for member nursing homes with a member’s individual facility data compared to others in the state and nation. This package also includes 16 state-level reports with data that is updated quarterly. Other types of provider members can also use the reports to identify potential partners with strong histories of quality care.

Market Snapshot Reports

LeadingAge released a new series of reports in 2015 that focuses on trends in long-term services and supports. For this inaugural release, we present information about 8 different sectors that includes data, comparisons to other sectors, and member testimonials.

Ask the MDS Expert

Get real-time responses to your biggest MDS questions from nurse and master teacher on MDS -- Judy Wilhide Brandt, R.N., B.A., RAC-MT. Answers are provided on topics such as: counting readmission cases, dealing with ‘fatal error’ messages (especially regarding the MDS section ‘distinct calendar days’), dementia and COT - OMRA rules for therapy, and managed care plan requests.

Ask the Housing Expert

Get real-time responses to your biggest preservation and finance-related housing questions from Gates Dunaway, a national expert on affordable housing preservation. She can also be a resource for members who may have targeted questions on existing guidance related to preservation opportunities being considered or processes under way. Ms. Dunaway has spent her career developing affordable housing preservation strategies. She was also selected for and conducted on HUD's behalf a series of 3-day preservation training programs across the country in 2012 and 2013.

LeadingAge Sounding Board

 The LeadingAge Sounding Board is a program designed to provide LeadingAge members with an outlet for:

  • Asking questions.
  • Floating ideas.
  • Seeking advice.
  • Solving problems.
  • Assisting with board development and education.

The program taps a selected group of seasoned CEO, executive provider members and LeadingAge staff who are available to provide knowledge, advice and counsel to LeadingAge members. This resource group brings years of experience in strategic planning, governance, corporate reorganization, finance, development, repositioning, strategic partnerships, succession planning, trends and much more.

Sounding Board Faculty can be available to speak directly with boards of directors in addition to CEOs and leadership teams.